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Life Hacks: The King of Random’s Tips and Tricks to Make Everyday Tasks Fun and Easy

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For the past few years, Grant Thompson has spent his weekends starting fires, building cannons, and experimenting with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. He’s made pumpkins explode, defied gravity, and discovered countless ways to make everyday life easier using ordinary items such as butter, suntan lotion, cupcake wrappers, and aluminum foil. His discoveries and experiments, many posted online to sites such as YouTube, have earned him the title of the King of Random.

With the help of the staff at Instructables.com, Thompson has compiled the best of his weekend projects in Life Hacks. With life hacks from the King himself, you’ll see how easy it is to have better summers, less stressful holidays, and cooler—literally—birthday parties.

Following Thompson’s instructions in this book, you’ll be able to:
Make dry ice with a fire extinguisher
Create carbonated ice cream
Start fires with plastic water bottles
Charge your cell phone—using your own energy
Build working speakers for less than $1
And much more

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Lifehackers in History: 50 Historical Life Hacks to Improve Your Life Today

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Do you want to Maximize Your Productivity? Guarantee Success? Be a People Person? Enjoy Great Relationships? This is a must-read for you. The life hacks in this book take inspiration from some of the most influential and successful people in history but have been tailored specifically to fit your life today. This quick and easy read is packed full of invaluable advice to help you improve every facet of your personal and professional life. The foundation of this book is formed using teachings from history that have stood the test of time. These lessons are even more relevant today and will help guide you to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Start reading now to:
•Learn valuable lessons from great minds in history
•Increase your productivity
•Guarantee success every day
•Be likable by everyone you meet
•Forge strong relationships

>>> And much more….

With this book you will be well on your way to a happier and more successful life.

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Simple Living Box Set (3 in 1): Your Complete Guide To Simplifying Your Life And Finding Happiness (Simple Living Hacks, Cutting Back Expenses, How To Declutter Your Space)

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Book 1: Simple Living And Loving It: 50 Proven Steps To Simplify Your Life, Downsize And Get More Done In Less Time

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Did My Life Get So Complicated?
  • Important Steps for Simplifying Your Day
  • Learn Step By Step How to Downsize
  • Learn the Secret to Getting More Done In Less Time
  • How to Put it Into Practice
  • Enjoying More Time to Do What You Like
  • Enjoying the Simplicity of Life
  • Much, much more!

Book 2: Habit Stacking For Simple Living: 50 Simple Life Changes To Declutter Your Life, Downsize And Reduce Stress In 30 Days

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • Learning the Concepts of Habit Stacking
  • Habits to Build for Your Home Life
  • Habits to Build for Your Personal Life
  • Habits to Build for Your Relationships
  • Habits to Build Within Your Career
  • Habits to Build for Your Schedule
  • How to Build New and Lasting Habits
  • Much, much more!

Book 3: Cutting Back And Loving It: 50 Creative Ways To Simplify Your Space, Declutter Your Life And Achieve The Life You Desire

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside This Book…

  • The Difference Between Clutter vs. Necessity
  • Tips to Decluttering and Simplifying Your Living Space
  • Tips for Decluttering and Simplifying Your Personal Space
  • Creative Ways to Simplify Your Decor
  • The Trick to Organizing Your Storage Areas
  • Step by Step Tips on How to Simplify Your Closet Space!
  • Why Downsizing is so Important to Having a Positive Mindset
  • Much, much more!

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! The New Cybersecurity Rules: Protect your email, computers, and bank accounts from hacks, malware, and identity theft

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Everyone is vulnerable to a cyber attack. Regardless of your age and station in life, one simple click of the mouse can open a Pandora’s Box few of us could have imagined even five years ago.

How we handle our online security is critical to protecting our personal and professional lives. But guidance for staying safe in the growing, interconnected world has been fragmented and confusing…until now.

Hack-Proof Your Life Now! demystifies the topic and introduces you to the New Cybersecurity Rules: clear, sensible, and do-able actions that will quickly improve your security.

Authors Sean M. Bailey and Devin Kropp will show you how to measure your Cybersecurity Score and then teach you to improve your safety by acting in three areas: adding more Secrecy to your online life (such as a banking-only email address that hackers won t likely discover), becoming Omniscient over your financial affairs (so you can block identity theft and instantly spot fraud), and adopting principles of Mindfulness to stay safe every day (such as using their 10-Second EMAIL rule to spot dangerous blackmail spam).

Each chapter features a Hack Report story that demonstrates a key security problem many of us face, a New Cybersecurity Rule that reduces or closes that exposure, and a specific Action Step to apply as you build up your defenses and improve your cybersecurity score. An Action Guide in the back provides extra details and helpful resources.

In just a few hours, you can learn to hack-proof your life and fight back against hackers, thieves, and spammers.Crafts

Big Life Hacks: To Cut Through Mountains and the B.S

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What are life hacks?

I’m reluctant to even use this word, because the word ‘life hacks’ is contaminated with questionable productivity combinations or a mixture of common sense. Take a quick look on the Interwebs and you’ll find site after site with low quality content capturing the latest oddball idea that might make you a better omelet but won’t significantly transform your life in any way.

But hey this is what everyone types into Google and Amazon.

Whether it be chopping wood, infiltrating a computer system or going viral without spending a cent, what life hacking really boils down to is finding the most efficient way forward based on limited available resources.

This book is not a self-help guide to becoming world-class or the absolute best in your given trade. But it is a story about optimizing your life as effectively as possible and breaking through a humdrum life without swathes of cash and talent,

How to Stop Procrastinating: A Proven Method to Stop Procrastinating In 10 Days or Less and Finally Get Things Done At Work and In Life (Time Management Tips To Do More Faster And Hack Productivity)

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Discover the REAL reason you struggle to reach your goals and EXACTLY how to fix it

Science says 92% of people who set a goal never achieve it.

We all procrastinate, sometimes it’s the trivial things, but usually it’s the important ones like finishing that work report, doing the laundry, finally going to the gym.

Procrastinators always have a creative reason why today, now, just isn’t the right time. Too stressed, too broke, too busy, too risky, too old, too young.

Most of the time these are simply lies used to delay tasks and escape the emotional discomfort we all experience when making meaningful changes in our lives.

“The truth is, procrastinators are made, not born as you’ve been led to believe”

Procrastination is a lifestyle, a bad habit we tend to learn indirectly, usually in response to an authoritarian parenting style.

In fact, scientists have discovered that when we form habits we actually slightly change our brains and consequently our behavior.

The good news is that with the right scientific tactics everyone can take control of this process, set achievable goals, and create good habits to live a happier life.

The method described in this book is a definitive STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE that has already changed the life of many people and has helped them stop procrastinating, manage time better, be more productive and reach their goals. You’ll discover how to automate your actions and form new productive habits leveraging the power of repetition.

Forget spending your time thinking about what you should be doing, and start doing it!

You’ll learn:

  • 4 practical ways to stop procrastinating
  • How to set goals and stick to them
  • The difference between “important” and “urgent” (Most people don’t know this)

  • 6 specific ways for effective time management

  • Exactly how to act in every time-wasting situation

  • Why S.M.A.R.T.+ goals are important and how to use them

  • Clever tricks for goal setting and action planning

  • How to become a productive person

  • And much more

Free Bonus download included: One Easy Technique To Master Time And Reach Your Goals

For a limited time, download this book for $2.99 (regularly $4.99)

Stop procrastinating now! Scroll up to the top and click BUY NOW!

What others are saying:

  • Practical, effective, easy to apply – Mark T.
  • It was like the author was following me around my whole life and knew the exact reasons I don’t get things done. – Carol D.
  • I believe the method described here is so simple that anyone can see results in almost 10 days as the book promises, I think everyone should read it and exploit the power of positive thinking – Kelly M.

You really CAN stop procrastinating

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Let’s Win More: 30 Small Life Hacks To Make In 2017 To See BIG Results

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This is going to be YOUR year! 2017 will be a great year of change and increased success for you! Michael Pache details 30 SMALL Life Hacks that you can start doing right now to see BIG results in the New Year. It’s time to break out from a negative mindset and start to see yourself as a winner! ​
Let’s Win More will make you want to change your life and your thinking right now. You will see more increases in your life than ever before. Get ready for the biggest changes in your life!

This is the perfect way to not only change your year but change your whole mindset and thinking. Michael Pache gives you 30 ways that you can change your life right NOW! No waiting. No excuses. This is your time to invest in YOU.

In the past you may have thought that your life is in a fog, that there is no way out, that it will never get better. Michael Pache reminds you not only of your worth and your beauty but reminds you that the fog eventually lifts. Beauty will show. You will shine. This will be your YEAR. You need to believe to make it happen.

Life Hacks: 1001 Clever Ideas to Save You Time, Money and Stress

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Once upon a time, we didn’t live in a world where everything got replaced the moment it was broken. We didn’t live in a cashless society where things could be put on a “card”. People lived pay-check to pay-check and if you needed something but didn’t have the money on hand, you had to find out an alternative way to make things work. This book includes 1001 creative, clever ideas, more commonly known as LIFE HACKS. A life hack is technically any strategy, technique, trick or shortcut that helps you manage your time and resources in a more effective and efficient manner. So if you are looking to make your life easier and save time, money and stress, this book is definitely for you! Remember there is always more than one solution to every problem on hand. Can’t see it? That’s okay. This book which will spark your creativity with more than 1000 ideas for achieving simple things in a potentially more productive way.