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Simple living in luxury outside vintage: Airstream trailer very small dwelling

Someday in between childhood and adulthood, Andreas Stavropoulos had a Peter Pan adventure. He put in four several years living in an Airstream trailer. He did not have a mortage, he did not pay out hire and he was ready to pay out off student loans. But it wasn’t just about attaining financial freedom.

As a landscape architect, Stravropoulos preferred to reconnect with the land. He was also dreaming of living in an legendary vehicle and put in late evenings on Craigslist prior to getting his 1959 Airstream Silver Bullet.

As soon as Stravropoulos had ordered his piece of record, he set up it in a friend’s sculpture studio and began its transformation. Out went the wall-to-wall linoleum and flesh tone paint. In went cork flooring, track lights and a light-weight paint to open up up the house.

Stravropoulos did all the operate himself and the trailer reflects his really like of workmanship. He exposed the riveted aluminum close caps. He made customized cabinets from a birch plywood.

In this movie, Stravropoulos shows us his legendary cell dwelling- parked (for now) guiding his recent dwelling in Berkeley, California- and talks about the joy of living with just a capsule of issues.