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Basic Luxury Home, Malappuram

Designed in the Basic topic, this luxury property resembles an Arabian Palace. The property is recognized for its stylish and luxury interiors, present day features, modular kitchen area, and more. The property is found at Ezhoor in Malappuram.

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Where Art Satisfies Architecture two: How to Photograph Luxury Houses

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How to Photograph Luxury Houses and State-of-the-art Photoshop Techniques

Mike Kelley and Fstoppers have teamed up once again to share even far more photography strategies and approaches for photographing substantial conclude actual estate for architects, inside designers, and luxury home builders.

This 13 hour tutorial with 21 special lessons follows architectural photographer Mike Kelley by means of five multi million dollar houses in Los Angeles and the Major Island of Hawaii. Each lesson will take you on the area as Mike functions by means of every place for the initial time, and then Mike will take you into Photoshop to show you every publish processing trick he is aware to combine all the photos collectively into a person amazing ready for publication photograph.

The total obtain, obtainable at fstoppers.com/store, has all of the substantial res photos you require to stick to alongside aspect by aspect with Mike so you can study and use every system on your individual laptop or computer.


Magical residences, manufactured of bamboo | Elora Hardy

You’ve got by no means viewed structures like this. The gorgeous bamboo properties designed by Elora Hardy and her crew in Bali twist, curve and shock at each transform. They defy convention due to the fact the bamboo alone is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so each dwelling, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely exceptional. In this attractive, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both of those a sustainable useful resource and a spark for the creativity. “We have experienced to invent our very own regulations,” she says.

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Modern day Property Layout with Unfamiliar Luxurious Interior Layout in South Korea

Modern day residence layout – Customi-Zip -This modern-day residence seems to be so modern-day and strange from popular modern-day residence. All things inside of and outside the house the residence is produced various with other building such as condominium or residence.


The Mo Ventus luxury house concept net zero energy from Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd

Architects are increasingly designing houses which produce as much energy as they consume, which has led to a plethora of innovative sustainable homes, some conventional in design and some decidedly not. The Mo Ventus luxury house concept from Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design falls squarely in the latter category, with plans that call for retractable screens that regulate heat and light, along with a curved design to harness wind power more efficiently.

The large curve is designed to face prevailing winds and channel them towards four bi-directional wind turbines, which Todd Theodore Fix claims will increase the wind speed to produce five times as much energy The Mo Ventus zero-energy house uses retractable screens that regulate heat and a curved design to harness wind power more efficiently The Mo Ventus zero-energy house uses retractable screens that regulate heat and a curved design to harness wind power more efficiently The name is derived from the Latin words “mōtus,” meaning motion, and “ventus,” meaning wind
The name is derived from the Latin words “mōtus,” meaning motion, and “ventus,” meaning wind – which also describe the two most prominent characteristics of the house.

One of the main ways the Mo Ventus home intends to conserve energy is with several layers of screens and insulated foam core shells surrounding the main living/dining area and office space. Each covering would be seated on a moving track, allowing them to be retracted one by one, transforming the walls from opaque to filtered light to completely transparent.

Having real-time control over the amount of natural heat and light entering each space throughout the day could let residents save energy in most climates and even during changing seasons.

The most eye-catching aspect of the Mo Ventus house, however, is the large curve rising up the full height of the structure. It’s designed to face prevailing winds and channel them towards four bi-directional wind turbines, which FIXd claims will increase the wind speed to produce five times as much energy.

A series of photovoltaic arrays running along the length of the house would gather additional energy as well, with several hydrogen fuel cells storing any excess power for later use. According to the designers, all these sustainable sources of energy would actually produce enough electricity for the house’s day-to-day functions, even when completely disconnected from the grid.

The plans also call for three pools on top for heat absorption and recreation, along with space for a rooftop garden.

Of course, the only way to find out definitively just how well these energy-cutting measures work is to actually build a Mo Ventus house. FIXd is estimating construction costs could range from US$3,500,000 to $10,000,000 for a residence between 5,000 –12,000 square feet (approx. 465 – 1,115 square meters).

Since the Mo Ventus house was not designed for a specific client, most of the interior can be customized to the owner’s liking. The main building is fairly open to be divided up into bedrooms, bathrooms, a garage, and more. The developers do recommend a few eclectic features too, like a tube slide leading outside or an outdoor amphitheater with a retracting movie screen.

Ideally the house would be built on a sloping beachfront with moderate climates, where it’s sustainable features would best be put to use, but FIXd says the design could be applied almost anywhere in the world. The designers are currently looking for funding and collaborators to turn the Mo Ventus concept into a reality.