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    Has any body here tried Aj patana’s Nam man prai oil?
    Does it really work?? It is quite expensive.



    Why do you want to use nam man prai??? I heard that nam man prai is pretty sturdy for lo-ve and sexual attraction, but I have not tried, interested to hear extra from others.



    I have AJ PATANA kumantong, have not tested his NMP, his kumantong is great and assistance me with my perform throughout the years,I believe his NMP should be as efficient. Just guessing.



    His NMP is costly for excellent reasons, my friend had a likelihood to stop by master final year and he donated 30,000 baht to master, and he was offered a modest bottle of nam man prai, this master patana appears to be able to read into minds, and my friend’s trip to Chiangmai last year was to find good NMP, master knew right away and took a bottle out for him ahead of he asked for it. My friend said the NMP is incredibly powerful and not the identical as most other people NMP he had tried.



    Is it dangerous to use?



    Can nam man prai fetch wealth?



    I have many NMP from different ajarns, luang phor, some works some don’t. Ajarn Patana’s NMP is one of the most expensive and also another NMP from Kruba Tammamuni which is as expensive. I have them all and tested them all.



    If you have the budget, go for the best.



    I have master patana NMP, I can say it is actual and robust presence felt. Basically operates, at least I got what I asked for.



    Nam man prai can also use for wealth fetching, and support to get in touch with in customers and enable you to convince customers easily. I have not attempted AJ patana’s solutions, but I heard it is quite good.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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