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Your Farts Say About Your Health

““Digestion depends on the subtle interactions between your genes, diet, metabolism, and the myriad micro-organisms inhabiting your body, each of which may leave its signature in gaseous by-products. A noticeable change in your farts’ peculiar recipe might therefore be a sign of serious diseases affecting any part of that process.”

Got Gas? It Could Mean You’ve Got Healthy Gut Microbes”Your Farts Say About Your Health Continue reading Your Farts Say About Your Health

Health benefits of Using Baking Soda

“Health benefits of Using Baking Soda
We often forget that the simplest remedies are sometimes the most effective. Here, baking soda! Given the list of its virtues, one wonders why it is not in all medicine cabinets.
Baking purifies and disinfects

First precaution: do not confuse the powder baking soda with the “soda ash”, very useful for the household but not consumable! And even less with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), which is extremely corrosive and toxic. Bicarbonate is sold through supermarkets radius salt, or in pharmacies and health food shops. And it’s amazing what he has such virtues!

It purifies hands Wet your hands and rub them with baking, as you would with soap. They will be clean and soft. If you want to clean and whiten your nails before to care, let them soak in a bowl of warm water added three tablespoons of baking.

It disinfects. We do not always think, but the combs, brushes, nail accessories and makeup brushes are nests bacteria. For a thorough cleaning, let them soak overnight in the sink with 8 tablespoons of baking. Rinse them the next day.

Baking soda whitens and freshens

It whitens teeth. Mild abrasive, baking soda helps remove stains caused by tea, coffee or smoking on teeth. Two to three times a week, simply sprinkle on your wet toothbrush and brush your teeth normally.

It freshens breath. In mouthwash because of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of water glass, it freshens breath by removing unpleasant odors origins acids (garlic, onion …) or basic ( fish). But it does not replace a strict hygiene. If the problem persists, please consult a dentist: bad breath is often due to gum problems.

Baking soda soothes and calms

It softens the skin. Anticalcaire, it softens the water and leaves the skin smooth and supple. Ideal to soothe razor burn these gentlemen or soothe sensitive skin (a tablespoon in one cup of water). After an exhausting day or workout, pour & shy; in one to two cups (100-200 g) in your bath water: it promotes the removal of toxins and recovery. Relaxing effect guaranteed!

It soothes irritation applied a compress, baking at softening power, soothes irritation. Insect bites, itching, minor burns and sunburn. Are fabricating a paste with three baking steps to a water (or hamamelis water, disinfectant). Then apply on the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and repeat if necessary.” Health benefits of Using Baking Soda Continue reading Health benefits of Using Baking Soda

10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

“It’s Matt Cama, and today I’m going to share with you the 10 easiest ways to lose weight fast. The good news is that this applies to men, women and teenagers. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can start to apply these tips right now to lose fat.

Video Breakdown:

0:38 In this video I’m going to be focusing on three important aspects to lose weight. That is your training, nutrition and your psychology.

1:16 Your emotional state that you are in constantly is the most important aspect to losing weight. I dig a little deeper why later in the video.

1:46 Tip #1 is to eat with a smaller plate. As a child we were all conditioned to eat everything on our plate. Now what happens is that we start to have larger portion sizes which results in weight gain.

2:38 If you don’t have a smaller plate, then get into the habit of leaving some food on your plate.

3:51 Tip #2 is to drink 3L of water every day. Most people drink 1 – 2 cups of water a day. You can put some lemon into the water to help alkalize your water to lose weight.

7:04 Tip #3 is to eat every 2-3 hours. The reason why is because this helps speed up your metabolism to lose weight.

8:25 Tip #4 & #5 is to focus on doing cardio and weight training at least 3-5 times per week. This will help you gain more lean muscle mass which will help you burn more calories at rest.

11:18 If you’re just starting out with training, then I recommend training only 3 times per week. The reason why is because you can easily get overwhelmed, so start slow.

12:00 Tip #6 is to train with a partner or join a group session. If you’re signed up at a gym then they should have free group sessions that come with your gym membership. The reason why I recommend this is because you have higher energy in the room which will help you push yourself to the highest limit.

13:12 Make sure you find a gym partner is enthusiastic, inspiring and motivated. It doesn’t matter if they’re fit or overweight, you just need to make sure they have those qualities.

14:40 the biggest myth is that if you want to lose weight it’s 80% nutrition and 20% training. The real formula is 10% training, 20% nutrition, the other 70% is psychology.

15:37 so many people fail at moving forward because they haven’t worked on their psychology to lose weight forever.

15:57 Tip #7 is to sleep 7-8 hours. The reason why is because you produce a hormone called cortisol when you sleep 5-6 hours constantly. This hormone encourages fat storage particularity around the abdomen area.

17:10 Tip #8 is to have a morning ritual. How you start your morning is how you go throughout your day.”10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast Continue reading 10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Quick Healthy Summer Snacks

“Here are the EASIEST healthy recipes to keep you cool this summer, literally they are cold. You will need.

Frozen Grapes
1. Grapes (any color you prefer)
2. Your favorite cheese
3. A toothpick of skewer to put them on

Protein Berries that taste like candy
1. blueberries or the fruit of your choice
2. 1 cup of your favorite greek yogurt
3. powdered stevia 1 tbl spoon.

Peach Lemon Smoothie
1. 1 medium peach
2. 1 small lemon
3. 1 teaspoon of liquid stevia
4. 2 cups of ice

These recipes are super healthy and quick. I love anything that can be done in 5 minutes or less and actually tastes good!”Quick Healthy Summer Snacks Continue reading Quick Healthy Summer Snacks