Beautiful Luxury Very small Dwelling With A Full Kitchen

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46 thoughts on “Beautiful Luxury Very small Dwelling With A Full Kitchen”

  1. Nice layout a big bathroom & stairs to good size bedroom are a must don't like the designs that have ladders & elevator beds that maybe good for young ppl tho as we all have our own unique requirements !

  2. To those saying why get a tiny home when they can be nearly as expensiveas as a big home (if you have someone else build it anyway), it's simple, it's mobile, it's highly energy efficient (you'll spend 1/4th or less in energy than you would a big home) and maintenance is super low cost, everything is cheaper long term. When people buy houses they don't consider the cost of actual maintenance to paint it every 7-10 years (about 3k bucks) roof it every 15-20 years (about 6 or 7k) and the cost to heat and cool a large space can easily run 2 or 300 a month in summer and winter, and any time you remodel or fix anything it costs 3 times as much or more than it would to do it to a tiny home, have to replace an HVAC system on
    a 2000 sqft home is about 5k, on a tiny home it's like 700 bucks. You start adding all those costs on a larger home over the course of 20 years and it's thousands and thousands, you'll probably drop 30 or 40k in maintenance and 10 or 15k in gratuitous electricity cost. And don't forget property taxes!! That's a HUGE one, if you have a tiny home valued at 40k vs a 2000sqft home valued at 150k you will spend less than half in property taxes easy and some states treat tiny homes like RV's so taxes are almost nonexistent, so you could easily save 5 or 600 a year in taxes too.

  3. Now here in Mexico the typical house structure is that big lol with maybe an extra room, and it's like 10,000 dollars depending on the area and the quality is pretty low on the houses. I think it might possibly come out 500,000 pesos to make a house like this in Mexico :/

  4. Hands down the BEST tiny house layout & design. Loving the details, vaulted ceiling, beams, beautiful woods and stainless, shiplap, light-flled spaces. Fully functional kitchen, tiled bath with stylish vanity, window, tub. Bedroom with drawers + closet. Safe stairs with handrails & storage. Truly accessible storage loft. Modifications, only 2: First, a hinged overhang for deeper bar seating. Then, replace the window opposite the sofa with a flat-screen TV and electric fireplace beneath it. BHAM = perfect! ♦️NOW TELL US WHO MFG'D THIS AND WHERE TO BUY ONE!

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