Luxurious Montauk Little Property With A Great Living Area + Fireplace

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29 thoughts on “Luxurious Montauk Little Property With A Great Living Area + Fireplace”

  1. Only thing I liked about the house is the floor, they are gorgeous. The kitchen looks clumsy. The loft bedroom looks pretentious. The living room feels like the the wrong sofa was delivered. The stairs, the table, sorry they are butt ugly. A lot of wasted spaces where storage could have been cleverly incorporated. The shower tiling gives me vertigo and the black shower floor makes me feel like I am stepping onto an oil well. I bet the house is well constructed and thought was put into having the most needed appliances. The placement, the color and the overall layout of the house is just off. It just lacks warm and flow.

  2. This is obviously a gorgeous TH. I would love a lot of the kitchen features except for the range size is overkill for a TH. Give me a drawer dishwasher, built-in oven/microwave and 3 burner counter top burners & you're talking my language. I think even 2 elements is great with a separate plug in element to grab as needed.

    People wanting the real TH living longterm want storage, no wasted space, clean lines, comfort and bright spaces.

    As someone who stayed a month in a TH to learn pros and cons for my future TH, I learned the bedroom is the biggest waste of space.
    Your loft is horrible waste!
    You can't stand up so why would you need floor space? Cleaning a floor with no stand up room is nearly impossible and kills your back and knees.
    Basically tiny 1 drawer night stands on each side of bed is needed. maybe to block off end of loft, add trunks for storage of blankets, sheets & winter summer things.
    You can't get dressed up there, you can lay down to watch TV or read. That's it!

  3. Nice. But I guess tiny homes aren't meant for seniors. I'd love to see one built, to accomodate those whose ladder climbing days are long over.

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