Survival Hacks: 34 Survival Hacks That Will Save Your Life in an Emergency Life or Death Scenario

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Regardless of whether you consider yourself a seasoned survivalist or are relatively new to the topic of survival in general, I think you will have a lot to learn in this little eBook. This neat little survival guide will teach you thirty four separate unique and effective DIY hacks you can use for your survival in any emergency life or death scenario. Regardless of whether you’ve found yourself stranded in the wilderness or have found yourself an unfortunate victim of a large scale disaster, you’ll be able to put each hack This book is going to teach you about 34 specific hacks that you can use in a survival scenario. These hacks are going to be divided into water survival hacks (9 hacks), fire survival hacks (12 hacks), food survival hacks (7 hacks), and additional survival hacks (6 hacks), in that order. After reading this book, you will know multiple different hacks and strategies for getting clean water, making fire, finding food, and other useful hacks that could save your life in a survival situation. Specific hacks that we will cover include: – How to make sure you never run out of water in a survival situation – How to build the fire bow drill to create fire – How to use orange peels to start a survival fire – How to fly fish with paracord and a soda can tab – How to build a raft out of sticks and a tarp – AND MUCH MORE! This book is intended to be a simple and straightforward guide that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. If possible, you could even print out this guide and then include it in your bug out bag or survival kit so that you’ll always have it with you. DOWNLOAD YOURS NOW!

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