Beverly Hills Luxury Homes & Real Estate for Sale.

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The Christophe Choo Real Estate Group Presents: Now the best deal in the Trousdale area of Beverly Hills for $4,295,000.
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To learn more about this property or other homes in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas, contact: Christophe Choo at (310)777-6342 or email at
Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate & Homes for Sale.


41 thoughts on “Beverly Hills Luxury Homes & Real Estate for Sale.”

  1. A bit of constructive criticism — This video needs a steady-cam and and a lapel-microphone. Hard to hear Mr. Choo over the car noises, feet steps, echos in the house, etc. Also, the shaky video makes it difficult to get a good view of the property, not to mention it makes me nauseous.

  2. The camera is shaking too much. Too hard to focus the house. It's making me dizzy and nausea, unable what is shown. Please get a better video or camera person to film it. Thank you

  3. You are AWESOME!  You are using your God given talents which is why you are so successful.  Many people wish they were working their dream jobs and living their dream lives.  KEEP ON LIVING YOUR DREAMS!!! Michele 

  4. People who find these prices ridiculous have to wake up and smell the coffee. These places are expensive but if they could afford them they would take it. These are luxury homes. I hope one day to own one of these, but we can all dream.

  5. what bout a range of $200,000.00-$400,000.00 what type of house could he/she afford in Beverly hills and Hollywood hills. And also which is a better neighbourhood Beverly hills or Hollywood hills.

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