Luxury Best Modern House Plans and Designs Worldwide 2016

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17 thoughts on “Luxury Best Modern House Plans and Designs Worldwide 2016”

  1. I love watching these videos and dreaming about these awesome homes….but you guys have got to pick better music..the music you guys are using is destroying the visual experience. You guys should use more fusion type hip hip jazz

  2. The black and white makes it look really modern and sleek, but unfortunately will get pasty, boring and hard to look at after a while. I would probably have a house with a colour theme for different parts of the house. Blue parts would for instance have different shades of blue with white and grey. To make it less pasty, I would probably add more plants which is something you could add to the house I guess, but more dynamic paintings that matches the colours of the house would prove hard as for the black and whiteness.

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