Magical residences, manufactured of bamboo | Elora Hardy

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You’ve got by no means viewed structures like this. The gorgeous bamboo properties designed by Elora Hardy and her crew in Bali twist, curve and shock at each transform. They defy convention due to the fact the bamboo alone is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so each dwelling, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely exceptional. In this attractive, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both of those a sustainable useful resource and a spark for the creativity. “We have experienced to invent our very own regulations,” she says.

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30 thoughts on “Magical residences, manufactured of bamboo | Elora Hardy”

  1. sekarang bambu di indonesia sudah tidak sebanyak th90 an.
    sekarang sudah mulai habis.
    padahal bambu lebih kuat dari pada kayu.
    lebih flexsible jadi lebih tahan gempa.
    jaman dulu kalau ada gempa sangat jarang terdengar ada rumah roboh.
    tetapi sekarang ada gempa kecil saja banyak rumah yang roboh.

  2. bamboo floors are awesome i still remember our old floor before my mom change it into ply board, you dont need air condition esp. at night its so cold it also perfect for natural ventilation it lets the breeze in.

    -filipino boy 😉

  3. These were the houses built in the Philippines. I was born and raised in a bahay kubo. We use mosquito nets when we sleep. I love how this video shows a more creative bamboo houses and furnitures.

    One of our neighbors in the Philippines bought a tiny kubo (php 50,000 about $1,000) and placed it on their roof top. It was very cozy and cool breeze goes through it.

  4. Beautiful, strong, resilient and combustable. The hollow tube structure with many air pockets in the body allows bamboo to have a great strength to weight ratio. But it also creates a lot of air to fuel surface area.
    If something like this is constructed, it would necessitate a lot of sprinklers that would have to be triggered by burning of a string like structure and not melting temperature because the fire would move and expand very quickly. The temperature activated ones wouldn't respond in time. Fire extinguishers should be positioned all over the place. I can only imagine how building standards authorities and fire insurance companies would react. While this method of building should be investigated, I think the fire problem will be the big issue.

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