Glimpse inside of Luxurious Residences for sale in Kentucky Multi-generational property

Related eBooks simply call or text Ken 859-494-5521 and say, ‘I gotta see inside of this Multi-generational Luxurious Home’. Movie of Luxurious Residences Kentucky

Consider there is a box… then there is you. Are you in it? If you are not in that box… occur visit us involving Lexington and Danville at 202 Palisades Pointe for a tour of just one of the nicest Luxurious Residences Kentucky has to provide. Are you tired of observing the similar outdated cookie cutter McMansions intended with the similar tired and boring structure steeped in mediocrity? I know I am! Attractive traces, curved and tender edges with a penchant for the dramatic… that’s what this just one of a form Luxurious Residences Kentucky has to provide in this article! Cost-effective grandeur could finest describe this property. In spite of it is really allure as a diversion from the mundane, the performance and livability maintain steadfast right after your 1st perception. Let the craftsmanship and high quality supplies ensconce you and permit your dreams of a far better life style engage your senses. Simply call or text me now for a private tour – Ken 859-494-5521.
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19 thoughts on “Glimpse inside of Luxurious Residences for sale in Kentucky Multi-generational property”

  1. I love the property and the look of the house, but I can't actually picture myself living in a place like this. Much too spacious for me. I also have a friend who lives on Lakeshore Drive in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. It's kind of awkward to be in these kinds of houses, it feels like if you're not wearing a suit and tie 24/7, you're underachieving.

    (I'm not trying to sound like some anti-formal hippy, I went to a private school that required a suit and tie uniform and I loved it, and I'm majoring in Software Engineering. But I was also a Boy Scout for 13 years, went to public school, and appreciate being casual)

  2. O my God Brad!! Love the videos you do….you are the man Brad! A house like this, here where I live in Saskatchewan Canada, would be an easy 1.5 million, and I am guessing real low. With our dollar where it is now, you can imagine the price in US dollars….lol. I am no realtor, but know that this is one beautiful home. Who ever buys this property is getting so much more value than the price will ever show.

    Anything here in the 390 range is pretty much old and run down. We just looked at one that was 390, and walked away from it. We are always looking.

    This home Brad, is what you can call a dream home!! The people that buy this property….I hope, know the value they are getting. It is a jaw dropping, drooling property Brad. And you Brad, are a Master at what you do.

  3. brad, it is sad and not good that you and your staff do not even answer client's emails or may be you answer ONLY those people whom you know are going to purchase the property right away. In other words, you answer what you want to answer or what will benefit you right away. I also called ken on several occasions and he never answers the calls neither did he ever return my calls after I left message.

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