The Sims four Household Developing – Industrial Luxurious (with Simteractions)

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Industrial Luxurious is the ideal mix involving ultra present day and industrial design and style.

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20 thoughts on “The Sims four Household Developing – Industrial Luxurious (with Simteractions)”

  1. The total times I've counted you saying:
    Actually: 7
    Of course: 17
    Really nice: 25
    Gorgeous house, and I love your builds and voice, but your comentary needs to shake it up a bit. It'd be cool to see the outside of the house as well before starting the interior. Cheers dude, keep up the awesome builds :D

  2. I just subscribed today! This is the first vid of yours that I've seen. Let me just say, great job!! I love your style! The biggest thing I HATE on YouTube are people with annoying voices, yours is FAR from that! So thanks, lol! I always mute all of the other builds I watch made by other simmers. I'm looking forward to watching your other videos!
    Have a great day!! (:

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