Simple living in luxury outside vintage: Airstream trailer very small dwelling

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Someday in between childhood and adulthood, Andreas Stavropoulos had a Peter Pan adventure. He put in four several years living in an Airstream trailer. He did not have a mortage, he did not pay out hire and he was ready to pay out off student loans. But it wasn’t just about attaining financial freedom.

As a landscape architect, Stravropoulos preferred to reconnect with the land. He was also dreaming of living in an legendary vehicle and put in late evenings on Craigslist prior to getting his 1959 Airstream Silver Bullet.

As soon as Stravropoulos had ordered his piece of record, he set up it in a friend’s sculpture studio and began its transformation. Out went the wall-to-wall linoleum and flesh tone paint. In went cork flooring, track lights and a light-weight paint to open up up the house.

Stravropoulos did all the operate himself and the trailer reflects his really like of workmanship. He exposed the riveted aluminum close caps. He made customized cabinets from a birch plywood.

In this movie, Stravropoulos shows us his legendary cell dwelling- parked (for now) guiding his recent dwelling in Berkeley, California- and talks about the joy of living with just a capsule of issues.


47 thoughts on “Simple living in luxury outside vintage: Airstream trailer very small dwelling”

  1. I sooo get this!  Freedom from heavy rent and a lease.  Being keen to control our spaces is one positive side effect of a very real problem.  Even if wages increase and especially if wages increase, landlords will jack up the rent to a hoggish extent.  I need a savings account; not just live from paycheck to paycheck.  I'm working towards something along the lines of this minimal lifestyle. Nice job on this video. I subscribed.

  2. Incredibly distracted by what appears to be a giant plush toy octopus on the counter (?)!

    Intriguing lamp.

    Love the shape and color of walls/ceiling.

  3. Incredibly distracted by what appears to be a giant plush toy octopus on the counter (?)!

    Intriguing lamp.

    Love the shape and color of walls/ceiling.

  4. Cannot connect with your question as a source of disturbance in the force. It is an interesting way of being frugal and paying off loans? This is troubling? Am I missing your point? I feel I must be. He seems responsible and prioritizing, sacrificing and focused. He would have no place in Congress or the White House, but he could be my neighbor any day.

  5. Why does that bother you, Marie? Just curious. I can't find anything bothersome about living in/connecting with nature while not having to spend thousands a month on living expenses. It's not the same as "I'm just going to live in a tent so I can spend all my income on drugs"….it is just a different way of life. My opinion anyway. Not that my opinion matters, since this guys life affects me not. I just like the idea of simplifying life and not being a slave to bills and material objects.

  6. The back-and-forth between the professionally sounding audio and the part that sounds like it was recorded with an I-phone is distracting. (and not in a good way.)
    It is a shame too because this is a very interesting video in all other respects.
    Please don't do it on any more videos. Thank you.

  7. Lived a better life? Take into account that that $500/no rent, is just rent. That's not including gas, electricity, water, food, insurance, renovations, ect. While people who live in their campers/RV's can live on $500 a month. And that's all their expenses paid for. So before you say that people whom pay for a larger space live a better life, think about the people who enjoy living the life they do, and they aren't some cheapskate who wants to save money. Walk a mile in their shoes.

  8. The craftsmanship in original Airstreams was fantastic. The original cabinets R made from quality hard wood very beautifully crafted and well thought out to maximize the space. This one must have been ruined inside for him to gut it and rebuild the inside like he did. I have seen vintage AS restored and they are absolutely beautiful little living spaces from top to bottom. Not too great in a hail storm, get dented. The heat cold and noise with the open metal ceiling could be pretty nasty to me!

  9. Well, look at it the other way, if you can be happy in a small space (and if you manage the logistics you can be very happy!), for what you would have paid in rent you could repay your student loans fairly effortlessly… Rent is the great waster of funds.

  10. Just electric hooked up I have it in case my home catches fire we have a bail out home. Sure it may never happen but family comes to town they are put up for the night in comfort. My brother his wife and 2 teens were there in 32 degree weather. When I opened the door in the morning I was shocked how warm it was in there I had to take my jacket off. They are well insulated lightweight and for sale at great prices thanks to Katrina flooding the market with newer poorer quality models for cheap.

  11. Do you rent the land? Do you own it? Is somebody just doing you a favor? All you're doin' is fakin' it. There are a lot of people livin' in the street and you act like that's a good thing. But you're an individualist. As long as you're happy everything's great. You got yours. Ever think of letting a homeless person sleep there?

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