Hand created luxury residence – Jack Northrup – Bulacan – Luzon – Philippine day by day daily life

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I took a excursion further north awhile back to Bulacan to check out Jack Northrup for his birthday. Although I was there he launched me to Cris Bamboo who is a genuine master craftsman, he confirmed us close to a significant hand built project he’d finished, this video clip will not truly do this masterpiece justice.


21 thoughts on “Hand created luxury residence – Jack Northrup – Bulacan – Luzon – Philippine day by day daily life”

  1. Hey Makoy, new to the channel and just subscribed. My wife's family is from Leyte, so I have been to a lot of the places in your videos, and you do a great job presenting them. The people cleaning the street at 3:30 reminded me of a guy I saw in a school in Tacloban cutting the grass in a soccer field with a weed whacker. It seems, no matte rwhat the job is, and what tools are available, they get it done. Great job, and good luck moving forward.

  2. Makoy do you live in Leyte permanently coz you've been there since last year. I recommend u visit Matalom during the fiesta this month around 20th onwards I think. We were supposed to go back there this for my cousins wedding but I jusr started my new job in Aged Care

  3. I follow Jack Northrup on You Tube also Chris Wren and several others, interesting to see Chis and his budget, would be interesting to see who lives the cheapest, I think you have "Gone Native" more than Chris has so you can live cheaper. Bye the way Gone Native is a compliment.

  4. hey jack    now these are the video's  I enjoy watching,  to see how they live  there,  been there and coming back soon  for good, please keep them coming  thank you

  5. Unggoy…your choice of soundtrack your timing your video your attitude. Is special dude. You have it. reminds me of an expatriot Bourdain. Hope you keep it up. You are Special.

  6. Did Chris ever happen to mention how much that bamboo house was to put up? Thinking about putting one up like that. Wondering if Chris travels? Im in central luzon about 45-mins from Bulacan.

  7. I Just subscribed and I remember you in some of Jacks videos I've been worried about Jack because nothing was in his channel and the last one he made was a rambling vid. So I was unsure well it's good to see you both still enjoying the PI. Salamat

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