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Commentary: To really make a huge reduce, go over and above recycling

Our mounting waste trouble lies in a acquire-and-toss-absent lifestyle. In the midst of affluence, asks To Kien, can we care ample to repair service, reinvent and reuse our ‘old’ things?

SINGAPORE: The other working day I questioned my son, a Major four student at a local public school: “Do you find out and do decrease-reuse-recycle assignments at school?” “Mostly recycling, daddy. We only do some recyclables amassing competitions,” he responded, to my surprise.

Amongst the 3 ‘R’s, significantly more notice is compensated to recycling. It is crucial, but not paramount.

This yr, we go on to generate more waste and at the identical time, the recycling price has dropped. If this development persists, the Semakau landfill will be comprehensive by around 2035.

So how can the Governing administration notify and teach individuals nicely, when some of us – such as the elderly, younger youngsters or maids – really don’t ordinarily use the pc, surf the net, watch television or browse the newspapers?

Fairly than recycling as a heal for this condition, we require to aim more on waste prevention and on chopping off more at the resource, by practising what I call the Massive Minimize.

The Massive Minimize has 5Rs.

Minimize Number one: REFUSE, OR Refrain.

Let’s refuse pointless features refrain from supplying in to our wishes, and consider to stick to our requires. 

We can be considerate in even minor things, such as when we are about to improve a spoon and plate for the duration of a catered food, choose an more straw, or acquire choose-absent foam bins or plastic luggage.

The “buy 3 get one free” advertising is just one of several internet marketing tactics that persuade bulk order, alternatively than obtaining what we require. (Image: To Kien)

As a researcher and educator in a layout university, I like observing and pinpointing difficulties around us. Sometimes, they spark several layout thoughts and options. I’ll share some of these to supply food items for thought.

For instance, to support “refuse” our wishes, app designers could compose a basic app for buying that reminds us what we require to acquire, and warns us about what we do not require by prompting our pre-recorded inventory of all comparable merchandise stored at property.

Minimize Number two: WHEN WE Simply cannot REFUSE OR Refrain, Let’s Lower. 

A person of the 1st Entire world difficulties is excessive consumerism and the “abundance society”. Several of us have more footwear, luggage, household furniture or devices at property than we require and in fact use.

There are increasing indications, nevertheless, that such mass consumerism is slowing because of to demographic growing older, economic slowdown, resource shortage and so on and it is little by little remaining replaced by the rise of the sharing financial system and do-it-on your own (Diy) manufacturing.

When we provide property a ton, then component in storage house, we will realise we are in fact paying a ton, primarily in the high priced context of housing in Singapore.

Obtain much less, and inside designers can layout more inventive hybrid household furniture – such as couch-bed storage – for more compact households. This helps decrease household furniture buys and, ultimately, bulky trash. 

Sometimes, we finish up throwing absent expired food items because we purchased it in bulk. France not long ago passed a legislation that orders supermarkets to donate unconsumed food items approaching greatest-just before dates to charity. Singapore can find out from this. 

View: IT Figures on Food items Waste

When I was looking at about the 3Rs on the Nationwide Setting Agency’s site, just one suggestion to decrease waste bothered me: “Purchase merchandise in bulk quantities”. I advise examining it.

As for how to spur Singaporeans to decrease waste? A procedure of “pay as you throw” proposed by the NEA may operate.

Spotted on the NEA’s site

Minimize Number 3:  REUSE.

A person man’s waste, they say, is one more man’s treasure. As a substitute of throwing absent things that are nonetheless usable,  we  could hold garage profits or give absent merchandise no for a longer time needed to others who require them.

I don’t forget my childhood in Vietnam, when several “đồng nát” (junk-purchasers, comparable to Singapore’s karung guni gentlemen) frequently patrolled the metropolis to acquire or collect pretty much every little thing unused from households. You could listen to them coming with their melodic profits chants and horns.

It is not only in lessen-profits nations around the world, but also in some increased-profits kinds, that individuals practise this “reuse” lifestyle. Germany and Japan, where by I researched, are examples.

A person of my weekend pastimes in Germany was to stop by flea marketplaces. There I could come across not only shockingly great bargains, but also several beautiful and scarce household merchandise from around the environment to satisfy my amassing hobby.

Employed clothes, guides, chairs and even washing equipment at a flea sector in Geneva, Switzerland. (Image: To Kien)

In Japan, our form host ran a campus bazaar to assist international pupils like my wife and me. When we had little ones, we ended up heartened when she gave us some of her children’s pleasant old clothes that she had prudently kept – for 15 yrs.

2nd-hand retailers are well known – and as Japanese individuals use and hold their stuff quite thoroughly, just one can generally come across quite great pre-loved stuff in wonderful wide range, and for a genuine bargain.

The retailers ordinarily have a tiny workshop at the back where by staff acquire utilised stuff and then thoroughly clean, overhaul or beautify them on the spot. I don’t forget just one shop’s slogan: “We acquire and sell practically every little thing, besides airplanes.”

A second-hand store in Japan, where by just one can come across pretty much just about anything at a bargain. (Image: To Kien)

Singapore does not have several second-hand flea marketplaces. The most famed just one at Sungei Highway will before long near.

While some neighbourhood kinds are organised now and then by grassroots groups, we could set up for more of them on vacant pieces of lands or under-utilised pockets of house, and persuade households to take part.

We could give second-hand retailers a prospect as well, like people run by the Salvation Military and the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. Meanwhile, on the internet listings like Gumtree and groups such as SgFreecycle or Singapore Seriously Seriously Free of charge Market place are handy. They link like-minded individuals and market a sharing and pooling lifestyle.

Bought at Sungei Road’s Thieves’ sector. (Pictures: Ooi Ebook Keong)

Minimize Number four:  Mend. 

Fixing discourages our throwaway lifestyle and can make us value what we have.

Several old merchandise, such as offers or souvenirs, carry reminiscences. We want to make use of them until they are really unusable.

It is generally because getting an item repaired could charge just about as significantly as obtaining a brand name-new variation, that several of us make a decision to choose the second possibility. This is why in Sweden, the govt is now proposing tax breaks on repairs to every little thing from footwear to washing equipment, so that it can make economic sense to get broken things fastened.

My spouse and children cycles every day, and I ordinarily repair service our loyal “two-wheeled friends”. But I have observed several bicycles thrown absent just because of minor faults, such as an internal tube puncture. 

I fix my possess bicycles, right here on my patio. (Image: To Kien)

It is great if somebody in the spouse and children can fix things. The pleasure we get when we realize success in creatively restoring anything on our possess is great. But if no just one in the spouse and children has the abilities, it would be wonderful if we could choose the stuff to a nearby “fix hub”.

My thought is to have just one in just about every precinct, located in a group club or centre. This community could website link up with the emerging makerspace motion in Singapore, so that individuals can share their abilities and methods such as house, instruments and extra elements.

At a recent workshop that I convened as component of a analysis project in Jurong East, some people expressed that they would like to have a Diy workshop or maker house (for restoring things) as nicely as weekend bazaars (to trade merchandise for reuse) in their neighbourhood.

Each individual school in Singapore could set up a “fix lab”, as well.

View: Mend Kopitiam helps you find out how to fix stuff

Ultimately, Minimize Number 5:  REMAKE.

When anything just cannot be fastened regardless of our endeavours, we can dismantle it and repurpose the pieces to make anything new, or even repair service anything else that is broken.

I do subject surveys extensively for operate. In several acquiring nations around the world, I’m generally stunned to see individuals restoring and remaking things so creatively and broadly.

There is a phrase, reverse innovation, which refers to an innovation observed to start with (or likely to be utilised to start with) in the acquiring environment just before spreading to the industrialised environment. Fixing and remaking foster such improvements. 

I had a spoilt enthusiast, and I kept its heavy base to make the base of a yard parasol (the major component, which I purchased from IKEA, in shape beautifully). I also had a coat stand no for a longer time in use, and I repurposed it to dangle planters on my patio. 

The repurposed enthusiast base and coat stand. My little ones also remade a utilised plastic container into a watering can. (Image: To Kien)

To remake things, we may require frequent “banks” of re-usable pieces. Let’s layout and supply shelves at HDB void decks or condominium amenity hubs, with 3 labels: ‘Fully reusable’, ‘Reusable but requires fixing’, and ‘Parts only’.

Then, persuade individuals to location their unwelcome merchandise on the suited shelf for others to choose freely.

I generally train my son how to repair service or remake things as an critical lifestyle ability. A person working day, when his sister sat on his cherished soccer ball and accidentally exploded it, he was upset and his pals told him to toss it absent.

He reported, “No, I’ll fix it.”

In the evening, he and I examined the torn ball. Even though the internal bladder could not be mended, we remade the ball by obtaining a S$two Daiso rubber ball to set within, pumped it up, sewed back the include – and voilà! Completely ready for kick-off.

View: How we fastened my son’s ball


The journey to a lower-waste foreseeable future is bumpy. There are several frequent prejudices to defeat.

1st, the pondering that “it’s the authorities’ job”.

The authorities can improve waste assortment and management systems, set up new fix-hubs, improve guidelines and improve public consciousness. But to improve people’s habits, mindsets, behaviours and steps, it’s up to all of us.  

2nd: “I really don’t see where by my trash ends up, so I really don’t care”.

Let’s get in the deal with of trash throwers. Confront them with pics and graphics exhibited on the sides of refuse chutes or bins, displaying where by their trash ends up. In public spaces, demonstrate visuals of the Semakau landfill filling up about time, with genuine-time figures up to date periodically.

The Semakau landfill. (Currently file picture)

3rd: “Other individuals really don’t apply this. Why really should I?”

Properly, if just one by just one all people begins practising the Massive Minimize, we’ll see several tiny alterations, and finally a huge transformation will occur.

Fourth: “Second-hand? Mend? We are not that bad, we have our delight!”

Substance standing is crucial in recently affluent societies, and Singaporeans have been no much less wrapped up in the 5Cs – cash, credit history card, motor vehicle, apartment, state club. 

Yet, as societies progress and mature, mindsets, value systems and judging indicators start to change in direction of a new set of Cs – creativity, collaboration, contribution, compassion and confidence. It will become no for a longer time about pounds and cents, but about caring for our earth.

Anyone A Champion

And as mindsets improve, permit each just one of us start championing the Massive Minimize. Let’s demonstrate our households and neighbors how it’s performed, and we can do it progressively.

1st, start off in our property.

I taught my son by doing a tiny social experiment. He had a toy motor vehicle in great affliction that he no for a longer time performed with. He and I needed to give it to somebody but we didn’t know who would require it.

I advised, “Let’s provide it to the playground, depart it there and see what occurs.” And he did so excitedly.  

View: Who would want an old toy motor vehicle?

When we arrived back on distinct days and at several occasions, we witnessed distinct youngsters participating in cheerfully with the toy and even scrambling for it. “Are you delighted to see your neighbours’ pals delighted?” I questioned. My son smiled and nodded.

Following, our neighbourhood.

I suggest location up, in just about every neighbourhood, a tiny library of at times-utilised instruments such as mechanical sets, drillers and plumbing tools, with a small cost per use. Such a shared library can support neighbours bond, and it can be related with fix-hubs.

For now, all people can do as I did – build an inventory list of instruments applying Google Documents, for sharing amid pals. This helps each member hold track of who has what instruments that they can borrow.

A MacBook Pro battery substitution celebration. (Image: Facebook.com/RepairKopitiam)

Then, educational facilities and universities.

They can provide as design mini-societies, championing the Massive Minimize amid the future generation. I have co-mentored a number of student assignments on the 3Rs, and it is inspiring to see younger Singaporeans demonstrate their creativity in their sense of accountability for the setting.

Ultimately, island-large communities.

I’ve stated a few in this report, but there are others rallying against the throwaway lifestyle by urging individuals to provide their possess containers, to repair service alternatively than toss absent, and to Diy.

Our endeavours to refuse, decrease, reuse, repair service and remake in several tiny ways necessarily mean we conserve huge at the finish of the working day. We will all collectively assure a far better setting for ourselves, our loved kinds and foreseeable future generations.

Dr To Kien is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technological innovation and Structure (SUTD). He is a accredited architect, researcher and educator in City Setting up, Social Architecture and Sustainable Structure. He has been a Useful resource Human being on the Singapore Institute of Architects’ Sustainability Committee because 2013.

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A league of their personal: Rohingya footballers deal with prejudice in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Racing from 1 end of the football pitch to one more, the gamers in brilliant yellow and pink jerseys go the ball concerning them, weaving all-around their opponents, tackling each individual other and occasionally, committing a foul.

As a smaller group cheers them on, it appears like any other beginner match getting position on a Sunday afternoon in a great number of towns all-around the planet. But on this pitch in Malaysia’s cash Kuala Lumpur, the groups confront a obstacle like no other.

The gamers are young refugees from the Rohingya Muslim minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, who are trying to deal with the prejudices they confront in culture in 1 of the number of arenas they truly really feel equal.

For Mohammed Farouque, whose perilous journey to Malaysia incorporated a journey on a crowded boat and a continue to be in individuals-smuggling camp in the jungle, the sense of liberation is a little something new.

“Given that my birth, I have not acknowledged flexibility,” stated Farouque, 1 of the refugees who runs the Rohingya Football Club in Kuala Lumpur.

A footballer with the Rohingya Football Club. (Picture: Facebook) 

“We can overtly play football in this article. In Myanmar we are not even allowed to go out of our houses. I had to go away my place to save my existence.”

Tens of countless numbers of Rohingya have fled to Muslim-vast majority Malaysia to escape severe discrimination in their homeland, where they are not recognised as citizens.

Following the perilous and in some cases lethal voyage to Malaysia, their issues are much from above.

The a hundred and fifty,seven-hundred refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia live in the shadows of the culture, barred from working officially or getting formal instruction. Usually witnessed as unlawful immigrants, they typically have constrained get in touch with with Malaysians.

With football, the Rohingya have extra than 1 goal in intellect.

They see it as a way of trying to keep young members of the community out of hassle, as effectively as a opportunity to split down limitations with citizens of their adopted homeland.

“In Malaysia, we are not allowed to do the job and we have no help. We do not want our young individuals to get concerned in crime, so we persuade them to get with each other to play football,” stated Farouque.

“We want to show the planet the Rohingya can obtain a little something great,” additional the 23-yr-old as he took a split all through a match with one more Rohingya crew from Malaysia’s central state of Malacca.

‘WE Are living Less than THE Exact same ROOF’

The Rohingya Football Club was set up in 2015 and its gamers are aged concerning eighteen and 30.

The club so much has taken on a number of Malaysian sides in pleasant matches, which includes groups comprised of staff members from the state strength business and a non-public broadcaster.

The Rohingya Football Club (in yellow) in action all through a pleasant match. (Picture: Facebook) 

Their initiative has also motivated the Rohingya community in other towns to set up groups.

At the pleasant match with the checking out crew from Malacca, the two sides fought it out at a community subject in Ampang, a neighbourhood a shorter push absent from the town centre, where the legendary Twin Towers dominate the skyline.

About 100 other refugees and locals gathered on the sidelines, viewing the match and cheering on the groups.

Malaysian Pannir Selvam, who was refereeing the match, stated he observed out about the refugee football crew after he observed the young adult males coaching on the pitch.

As effectively as volunteering as a referee, he in some cases joins in with matches, and claims the refugees have shown a “spirit to try for excellence”.

“They had been possessing a large amount of enjoyable, I enjoyed participating in with the them. I am joyful and very pleased of them,” the sixty-yr-old stated.

“We will need to do extra. We are Malaysians, we live with them underneath the similar roof, in the similar place, we will need to get to know them far better,” he stated.

Regardless of their enthusiasm, the Rohingya footballers only prepare after in although thanks to a absence of money.

The club requires about US$350 every month to go over costs which includes the selecting of a location for coaching – but it is so much relying on the constrained resources the refugees can pull with each other on their own.


For quite a few refugees, the sport delivers a short term escape from their hardship and a opportunity to contact time on the discrimination they confront in their day to day existence.

“Actively playing football is quite stress-free,” stated Saiful Shahidul, eighteen, from the checking out Malacca crew, who works on a construction web site to help himself and the household.

“I would like to be a expert football participant 1 day,” he additional, shyly, saying his favourite participant is football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

As for Farouque, his ambitions have entered a whole new league after seeing the very first at any time Refugee Workforce at the Rio Olympics this yr.

“Inshallah (God keen) we will be participating in at the Olympics 1 day like the Refugee Workforce,” he stated.

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Croatia, Opatija riviera, luxurious home for sale.

Croatia, Opatija riviera, this luxurious home with panoramic sights on the sea has 283 sqm of residing room on 3 floors, consists of :
– basemant consists of corridor, pantry, boiler room for central heating, tavern, fitnes room, sauna, rest room, bathroom, laundry room – alltogether ninety five.56 sqm.
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– 1st floor : corridor, two bathrooms, bathroom, two bedrooms, library, loggia all – ninety two.34 sqm. Infield around the home with massive swimming pool has 640 sqm. This home is found on the hill, 2000 meters absent from sea.

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Environment&#039s greatest radio telescope starts running in China

BEIJING: The world’s greatest radio telescope commenced running in southwestern China Sunday (Sep 25), a job which Beijing claims will assistance humanity search for alien existence.

The five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (Rapid), nestled in between hills in the mountainous location of Guizhou, commenced working all around midday, the formal Xinhua news company claimed.

Built at a expense of one.two billion yuan (US$a hundred and eighty million), the telescope dwarfs the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico as the world’s greatest radio telescope, with a reflector as substantial as 30 football fields, it explained.

Rapid will explore area and search for signals of clever existence, it included.

Map of China displaying Guizhou, exactly where the world’s greatest radio telescope is positioned. (AFP/Kun TIAN)

China sees its ambitious armed forces-operate, multi-billion-greenback area programme as symbolising the country’s development. It options a long-lasting orbiting area station by 2020 and inevitably a manned mission to the moon.

Previously Xinhua cited Wu Xiangping, director-common of the Chinese Astronomical Modern society, as stating that the telescope’s substantial diploma of sensitivity “will assistance us to search for clever existence outside of the galaxy”.

Building of Rapid commenced in 2011, and neighborhood officers vowed in February to relocate just about ten,000 people residing inside five kilometres to make a improved environment for checking.

In the previous China has relocated hundreds of hundreds of people to make way for substantial infrastructure initiatives this kind of as dams and canals.

The space encompassing the telescope is remote and comparatively poor. Xinhua before explained it was selected since there are no key cities nearby.

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Tension is on Clinton, Trump in initially debate

WASHINGTON: Who is going to win? Who is going to choke? The force is rigorous for Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton – phenomenally diverse candidates – who clash in their initially debate on Monday (Sep 26).

Stakes are as substantial as they get because there are just 6 weeks right up until the November eight election. Polls exhibit a shut race, with Clinton, sixty eight, having fun with an edge.

As quite a few as 90 million Us residents, some estimate, will be glued to their television to capture the showdown.

Quite a few analysts say debates usually never win a prospect the election but can nicely lose it for them. A single sentence, or the slightest slip, can do critical damage.

Lots of American voters will have created a decision by now, to be sure. Most have.

But 9 for each cent by some estimates even now never know who to vote for, soon after a very long campaign in which bitter attacks have usually replaced compound.

And this yr has been like none in the earlier, with Trump, 70, applying social media about the clock in combative fashion, when usually making errors, misstatements and blunders with out troubling his foundation.

No prospect in this campaign has matched Donald Trump’s capability to electrify crowds of thousands. (AFP/Mandel Ngan)


On Saturday, the New York Instances endorsed Clinton, who in advance of the debates has been cloistered with aides and her papers at property in Chappaqua, north of New York, even training with kinfolk taking part in Trump.

She has been focusing on his psychological profile, with a aim to get Trump to crack, to exhibit that he are unable to control himself and lacks the even-handed temperament a president demands.

If he reacts by attacking, Trump also challenges shedding women’s votes he by now has a more challenging time with women of all ages voters, and they make up fifty three for each cent of these who convert out. And any slip is sure to be a Tv information seem bite.

Clinton’s campaign launched a very long record of lies it attributes to Donald Trump in advance of the debate.

Trump in convert claims preparations are “going very nicely,” hoping to at least seem peaceful. Friday he received the endorsement of former conservative rival Senator Ted Cruz.

Trump took Friday to put together, and even now experienced to perform Sunday on the debate. But he continues with campaign rallies on other days, which include Saturday night time in Roanoke, Virginia.

Trump seems unwilling to prepare with a Hillary stand-in. But he has watched films of his opponent in past debates.

Supporters in Roanoke said they hoped Trump could retain his cool.

“I anticipate him to be a lot more presidential but even now tricky,” said Amanda Phillips, 36, and a social worker. She said she was “not one hundred for each cent for the wall (with Mexico), and hopes Trump will be “a lot more humane and not as well hardcore.”

Most voters have by now created their decision in advance of the election, and the a few presidential debates will likely just fortify them in their decisions. (AFP/Mandel Ngan)


Clinton, making her next presidential bid, is an aged hand at debates and deemed good. In some methods, she may well have a lot more to lose.

Immediately after practically 40 decades of public service, she is very nicely versed on the problems, and 88 for each cent of Us residents believe that she is intelligent.

But 65 for each cent say they do not discover her honest. And 52 for each cent have a negative belief of a woman they see as cerebral, distant or chilly.

Her impression has been sullied by Trump attacks over her e mail scandal, the Clinton Foundation’s alleged spend-to-enjoy donations, and her ties to Wall Road.

“Be your self and make clear what motivates you,” President Barack Obama suggested to his former secretary of condition, who as president would carry on the legacy of his two administrations.

Runningmate Tim Kaine has said of Clinton: “When the spotlights are at the brightest and the force is the most rigorous, that is when she provides her A-plus recreation.”

Trump has not yet seasoned a presidential debate: 90 minutes of rigorous questioning, with only a person opponent and a moderator, who on Monday will be NBC information anchor Lester Holt.

But that does not get worried the former fact Tv star. He is great on his ft, and unpredictable, a lot more snug in the limelight than on problems. He has promised to be “very respectful” with Clinton.

Trump is even now perceived a lot more negatively than Clinton: sixty one for each cent of Us residents have a negative see of him, quite a few expressing they are put off by his character and aggressiveness.

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