Social media has discipline working day just after SMRT bus receives trapped in mud

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SINGAPORE: The sight of a lone SMRT bus trapped for hours in a discipline between HDB blocks at Kim Keat Avenue noticed Netizens wheeling out all method of jibes on Thursday (Sep 29).

The driver of the bendy bus had taken a mistaken change and attempted to make a U-change on an open discipline, but the wheels of the auto sank into the mud, and it was only towed absent additional than 10 hours later.

Lots of social media customers recognized a decal on the bus advertising and marketing the President’s Obstacle, which fittingly study: “You helped him when he was struggling with life’s difficulties.”

The existential symbolism of the impression struck a chord with some.

Common humour website SGAG hypothesised that it was section of SMRT’s “relocating folks, improving life” mantra.

At the very least just one other particular person noticed fit to perform on the football imagery, however remarkably, there were no quips on SMRT choosing to “park the bus”.

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