Singapore at a turning stage: PM Lee to Singaporeans in Japan

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TOKYO: Singapore is at a turning stage as it develops further than the pioneer technology of Singaporeans who developed it, mentioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday (Sep 27).

Talking at reception attended by about 400 Singaporeans dwelling in Japan, Mr Lee mentioned that at 50 a long time, Singapore is neither previous nor young. In actuality, it is a “a quite tough time for a country, mainly because you’re heading further than the individuals who remembered the commence, and heading into a new technology (of individuals) who are not really positive in which the long run is heading to be”.

About 400 Singaporeans dwelling in Japan turned up at the reception, in which PM Lee Hsien Loong was the visitor-of-honour. (Image: Linette Lim)

Mr Lee extra that for the subsequent fifty a long time and further than, Singaporeans will have to develop the long run for them selves – deciding on the way, the technique, and the values which will make the country thrive in the new planet.

“And it’s a harmful planet. But this tiny purple dot has created it for 50 a long time, and now the young tiny purple dotters will have to make it for quite a few much more than a further 50 a long time,” mentioned the Prime Minister.

“Being linked to the planet – Japan and China and America and Europe – being assured of ourselves, understanding what we can do and determine to do, and being able to operate alongside one another – I imagine if we can keep these values, we can keep this achievement,” mentioned Mr Lee. 


The Prime Minister, who is in Tokyo for a 4-working day formal visit coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations concerning the two international locations, also named Japan as an “important friend” of the Republic.

Mr Lee spoke on how Japanese investments “made a large difference” to Singapore’s economy in the early a long time, and how there are 35,000 Japanese in Singapore, which include a person of the greatest overseas Japanese educational institutions in the planet.

“I imagine we have to have a person of the premier variety of Japanese eating places for each individual, in Singapore,” he quipped.

Touching on the bilateral relations concerning the two international locations, Mr Lee mentioned that this is a good marriage Singapore would like to cultivate and create even more, mainly because Japan has “a great deal to lead to the region”.

“We have a no cost trade settlement with them, it really is named JSEPA – Japan-Singapore Economic Partnership Arrangement – we hope we can enhance that, choose it even more methods forward… So the long and short of it is, we have a quite good marriage at the country-to-country level, and we’re also quite content that personal Singaporeans and Japanese are able to operate alongside one another with a person a further,” he extra.

In flip, Mr Lee mentioned he hopes that the Singaporeans dwelling in Japan can convey household some of the good values and routines and customs of the Japanese.

“They are quite disciplined, they queue up quite neatly, they never litter the streets, they operate quite tough, and they operate alongside one another cohesively as a person,” he mentioned, to laughter and applause among the the crowd.

“And these are the values we have to have as Singaporeans, and if we can keep them, and preserve them, then I imagine for quite a few much more a long time to arrive, we can celebrate Nationwide Working day, sing Majulah Singapura and have good motive to rejoice,” Mr Lee mentioned.  

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